👋 I’m Veli, an award-winning designer and UX/UI developer with nearly two decades of experience in the tech industry.

I’ve co-founded Weekdone, mentored at numerous Garage48 hackathons, and have been recognized as the best young Estonian designer and a Forbes Estonia “30 under 30” honoree.

You might recognize me from free and open-source iOT/design projects such as

And much more ESPHome configs, projects, designs. And being nice on community forums.

Why I Created This Project

My journey into the world of ESPHome started about a year ago. From no-solder tutorials to replacing locked Tuya chips with ESPs, I’ve come a long way. Today, I have 32+-10 ESPHome devices online and more in the pipeline.

While I’ve been thrilled with the functionality, I saw room for aesthetic improvement in the default ESPHome web_server UI. This project is my take on enhancing the user experience, and it’s also my way of giving back to the community that has given so much to me.

My Contributions

I believe in sharing knowledge and resources. While some of my contributions are small gestures, others have had a more significant impact. However, this project will not be entirely free—the free version will offer basic functionalities, but for the full experience, a premium version will be available.

What Fuels Me

My passion lies in playing with color in code, creating generative interfaces, and dynamic color systems. I’m a Home Assistant and ESPHome enthusiast, and I love hacking away to create custom solutions for smart homes. I’ve even been known to brick some phones and explode a few Raspberries in my quest for innovation.


If you are impatiently waiting for the release of ESPWA, (with, or without an intent of going premium), you can sponsor me to speed up the process. 🥺🫴