Why settle for black and white when you can have a full spectrum of colors?


Literally one size fits all. ESP32, ESP8266, ESP01?
Don’t care.

ESPWA won’t use any of it’s precious storage.

One entity? 20? A bunch of sensors or a single RGB light. Perhaps an ESP32cam?

Doesn’t matter. ESPWA will adapt itself, so no screen real-estate goes wasted.

Your device’s performance is not affected.

Introducing ESPWA, the Progressive Web App that revolutionizes your ESPHome dashboard.

Say goodbye 🫑 to the old, monochrome interfaces and embrace a vibrant, modern, and interactive experience.


🎨 Dynamic Layouts

Whether you have 1 or 40 entities, ESPWA auto-generates a beautiful grid layout that’s pleasing to the eye.

πŸŒ“ Light & Dark Modes

Choose your vibe. ESPWA comes with both light and dark themes.

πŸ“Š Interactive Components

From binary sensors to OTA updates, ESPWA offers custom interactive components for every ESPHome entity.

πŸ“ˆ Automatic History Charts

All sensors come with auto-generated history charts.

πŸ”§ Drag & Drop OTA Updates

Simply drag and drop a .bin file onto the app icon for seamless OTA updates with file validation.

πŸ”„ No Rebuilds

Since you embed files from our server, there’s no need to rebuild anything for updates.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Easy integration

It’s so simple to integrate ESPWA into any ESPHome project. Just change 2 lines in your YAML file. No additional components, no installation space.

πŸ’― Premium and basic

Basic will be free to use. Premium will have the listed features.


Unlike other solutions, ESPWA is designed specifically for ESPHome. It takes zero overhead on your ESP device, offering a lightweight yet feature-rich experience.

Why paid? Why subscription?

We do not recommend the paid app option for PWAs [published on Google Play]. The installed PWA needs to be accessible from the user’s browser and the only means for determining if a navigation comes from a Play installed app are reliant on client-side checks and may not fire for every navigation. Because of this, there’s no secure way of limiting access in the same way that other paid apps can, so we instead recommend monetizing through in-app purchases and/or subscriptions.


TL;DR – to show this project is of value to you, and to keep my interest in developing it.

Easy Integration πŸ€–

Zero 0️⃣ configuration.

Copy. Paste. Done.

Integrating ESPWA into any ESPHome project is a breeze. Change two lines in your YAML file, and πŸ”₯ One size fits all.

# example code
  js_include: "/e/p"
  js_url: "s/w"
  css_url: "p/a"

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