Enjoy an app-like experience. Everywhere.


Install as an App 📲

Get Actionable Notifications 🔔

Actions in the OS context menu ⚙️

Open .bin files for OTA 💾

Handle Custom Link protocols 🔗

Get an app icon. 🖼️

Icons, tailor-made. 🖼️

Generated 🎨 Icons unique for each device, in every possible format.

Light/Dark. Automatic. 🌝

Discovery ✨

ESPWA can scan your local network for your ESP friends.

They will be together in a list, easily accessible from each device. Only with your permission, of course.

Update 🚀

Perform OTA Updates 2023-style, with drag-and-drop.

(And validate the file before automatically)

Or OTA like its the future 🛰️

by dragging your binary onto the app icon, or share via OS context menu.

ESP32 Camera 📸

ESPWA checks if you have port 8080, and adds the image to the main layout.


Which can be clicked to zoom into stream.


That works as Picture-in-Picture, live, natively, on all platforms. 🦄

Logger 📟

Single last row is visible, to not cover anything. Which can be expanded to fullscreen.

Unobtrusive, shows last line which expands on hover.
Hover lines fade other out, links get wrapped, tooltips are added.
Get an even better log from browser console. Grouped by categories. JSON objects in format.

Check if device is unreachable.

I want more!

Examples, please!